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Machinecollect has successfully passed ISO9001:2008 Internalional Quality Management System Authentication and CE Authentication.

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Machinecollect, established in 1990, is set design, manufacture, mechanical and electrical installation and sale service as one of the professional comprehensive enterprise. Machinecollect is one of the most famous enterprise in stone machinery field. Its headquarter located in Yuanxia industrial zone, Shijing town, Nanan city of Fujian province, which is close to the hometown of stone materials--Shuitou. Machinecollect is equipped with strong technical strength of stone machinery, effective R&D team, advanced manufacturing system, standardized workshop, modern research building and strict machine QC and sound after-sales service system. Machinecollect is continually accelerating the pace of development to research and innovate. The company now is successively introduced the most advanced production technology at home and abroad, producing many refined polishing machine and cutting machine such as the laser bridge cutting machine, tiltable bridge cutting machine, CNC four-pillar guide bridge cutting machine, SPGE automatic polishing machine and so on. The machine is novel design, excellent performance, strictly enforce the stone machinery and tools standardization and pass the ISO9001 and CE authentication. The product quality and security have reached the field leading level, warmly recognized and appreciated by customers. The sales network has covered major cities in China and setting up agents in many countries. Machinecollect is always upholding the management theory of "realistic and innovative, perseverance, sincere and persistence". Through the development, Machinecollect won the honor of "China famous brand", "China Top Ten Enterprises of Stone Machinery", "National High and New Technology Enterprises", "Fujian Brand Product", "Fujian Famous Trademark", "Fujian innovative Company", "Fujian Stone Machinery Industry Technology Development Center", "China Top Hundred enterprises of Stone industry". Machinecollect is always stick to the concept of market-oriented, quality of survival, credibility of development, customer satisfaction as purpose. In the field of stone industry, "Machinecollect" is on behalf of innovative design and refined quality.  Machinecollect will mover towards product diversifaction, high-tech, high quality direction, and continue to maintain the leading position of industry leader, pioneering and innovating. Machinecollect is willing to set sail together with you and drive towards the successful shore in the future.
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Machinecollect has successfully passed ISO9001:2008 Internalional Quality Management System Authentication and CE Authentication.
BOLT 7: The Revolutionary High-Power

Mar, 2024

BOLT 7: The Revolutionary High-Power

BOLT 7: The Revolutionary High-Power. With the development of global trade, containers have become an indispensable part of international freight. High-power laser cutting machines are also widely used in the field of container manufacturing. Firstly, pentalaser  high-power laser cutting machin...
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    Unveiling the Marvels of Cryogenic Air Separation: From ASU to Plant

    In the world of industrial gas production, precision and efficiency are paramount. Cryogenic air separation plants, driven by the intricate cryogenic air separation unit (ASU) process, stand as technological marvels that play a pivotal role in various industries. In this blog post, we'll embark on a...
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    Jan, 2024

    Advancing Healthcare and Industry with Oxygen Gas Plants and PSA Oxygen Generators

    Oxygen, the elixir of life, is essential not only for sustaining life but also for various industrial applications. Oxygen gas plants, particularly Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) oxygen generators, play a crucial role in generating high-purity oxygen efficiently. In this blog post, we will explore ...
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